Apply for Energy East's NEB Public Hearings

Since the overwhelming wave of opposition that turned the Enbridge pipeline into a public sensation, the National Energy Board has become increasingly opaque. Following the Enbridge public hearings in which 1000+ people responded to the project with a  resounding no, the NEB added a laundry list of requirements to the application process for public hearings. Now, it takes an hour of paperwork to even be considered as a commenter, and applicants are required to show proof that they will be directly affected by the proposed project. And even if they do get accepted, the NEB is under no requirement to actually read their comments at all.

Regardless of the daunting application process, the Energy East pipeline NEB review has received just as many applications as had the Enbridge pipeline—but only a fraction of those applications will be approved. There are hundreds of people who are trying to speak out—for their children, for their jobs, for their climate—and the NEB is saying that their voices don’t matter.

It’s time to reclaim our democracy. The NEB has been making decisions about our future behind closed doors for too long. This Sunday, Kids for Climate Action members came together and submitted their applications for the NEB Energy East pipeline hearings. If we are accepted, we will act as representatives for those whose voices have been silenced. And if not? Then we'll be taking the conversation public. 

Will you join us? Apply at before the March 3rd deadline. 

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