Climate Change Warning Labels on Gas Pump Nozzles

Come out on January 26 to a lecture hosted by Kids For Climate Action and Rob Shirkey about his campaign: to get municipalities to put climate change warning labels on gas pump nozzles. 

Rob Shirkey is a Toronto based lawyer, UVic law alumnus , TEDx presenter and founder of environmental not-for-profit Our Horizon, and will be discussing the psychology, economics and law behind his organization's proposal. The idea behind these climate change warning labels comes from the labels you may have seen on cigarette packages: by linking the consumption of the product to the consequences of it's use, these stickers force consumers to reflect on the cost of their everyday actions. 

The first step in addressing any problem is to honestly face it. These low-cost but high-impact warning labels do just that. Imagine standing at the gas station and seeing something like "Warning. The use of this fuel product contributes to climate change which may cause drought or famine." The message hits you hard; it brings far away consequences of climate change, like famine, to the front of your mind, and places the responsibility literally into your own hands. 

Rob Shirkey and his organization have already gotten local governments across Canada to consider this proposal, including the municipality of West Vancouver. Vancouver can be next, but we need you. Will you join us?