Collaborating with the Dogwood Initiative on Municipal Elections

In the weeks preceding the municipal elections, Kids for Climate Action partnered with the Dogwood Initiative to get people out to vote in the municipal elections; people who would stand up for environmental issues and ensure their voices are heard in politics. With the events unfolding on Burnaby Mountain and the Kinder Morgan pipeline (#kmface with our volunteers above), as well as the approval of a new coal port at the Fraser Surrey Docks, it was especially important to get people out to vote for people who would stand against climate change and offer policies that would lead to a more sustainable future.

Our 50+ volunteers participated in 9 phone banking sessions, getting over 100 hours of phone calling and reaching over 2000 people to go out and vote! We would call supporters of the Dogwood Initiative who are, for the most part, environmentally inclined, and asking them to pledge to vote in the municipal elections in their home city or town. We would also direct them to a website where they could view the results of a survey sent out to candidates concerning important issues that affect their constituents. On election day, we followed up with those who pledged to vote, making sure that they knew how to get to their polling station and celebrating with them if they did vote. 

We're confident that we've made a positive contribution to this election, and hope that our elected officials will continue the fight against climate change, not just in the present, but also in the future.